An online collection of tools and the treasure to "Unlock and Awaken the Energy Within" so you can become Sovereign, Whole and Deliciously FREE!

In 21 days.

As an Angelic Reiki Master, the meditations and invocations of the Angelic Realm are weaved into each module allowing for greater, powerful and very rapid transformation.

The Angels over light each transmission and encapsulate your Energy Centre clearings and upgrades.

You are held in light, love and success from beginning to completion.

Most of us spend all of our time opening our 'Third Eye and Crown," herein lies the problem!

Energy Flows Up! From the Earth, it should then flow through each Chakra and onto Creator and then back down as a torus and continue as a constant stream of Strong, Powerful, Life Force.
If there is a block from the Earth at our Root Chakra (where our our core survival instincts, feelings of safety and security lay) we are shut off, (link a kink in a hose) and very little, if any, can flow upward to our Sacral (which allows the sweet things in life in, governs our sensuality and sexuality and joy,) and even less to our Solar Plexus which governs our abundance and personal power (or lack there of) and so on..... The block in our Energy Centres intensify as less and less energy can flow which creates massive problems physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

The energies back up on us! Eventually the connection bursts (like the hose flying off the tap) and we are disconnected, this disconnect reflects directly into our lives, often as chaos.

This further reflects into our lives as a detachment from all that is our God-given birthright, abundance, happiness, love, joy and so much more. Here we start the nurturing and loving process of opening you to all that you deserve. It's not okay to feel empty, sick, disconnected and lost. Let's fix that.

Every Module unlocks a new Chakra which receives our love and attention for 3 days. You will learn to Muscle test to check if it is blocked or flowing. As you refine this skill which bypasses the brain (ego patterns) and taps into your feeling body (energy centers) you gain trust in your Body.
It will tell you when it is time to move on, a skill you can draw into all aspects of your life.
Your body is the Master, your Heart will become the guide and your Mind WILL follow, (because it's fun, easy and rewarding)!

Hi, my name is Michelle

I'm a Mindset & Energy Intuitive Spiritual Coach, Master Angelic Reiki trainer, Personal Trainer, Bodyworker and Wellpoint Hypnosis Practitioner TM (amongst other things) but I wasn't always all these things!

I definitely haven't always had my shit together,

like you, I reached a point where I was sick and tired of being sick, tired and broke! but I knew deep in my heart that there must be an easier way, and I didn't stop until I found it! I'm a single Mum of 2 gorgeous young ladies and their fur babies, I couldn't stop!

We work through all space, time, and dimensions, re-setting your mind, body and soul to your point of perfection, that which you've always been but forgot!

Most importantly, my clients experience extraordinary healing, peace and expansion within, which exposes their intrinsic power and then flows into their lives shifting from lack to flow,

Module 1: Root

Insecurity, money and unworthiness live here and wreak havoc in our lives. Unleashing a balanced and aligned Root Chakra reflects as a Profound connection to Nature, prosperity, health and meaningful relationships. Feeling grounded, Trusting, Independent, Sure, Energized and safe.

Module 2: Sacral

As emotional and intimacy issues begin to release, life becomes joyous and bright as a warmth and emotion begins to radiate as the untarnished aspects of you are awakened. Passionate, Sexually Affectionate, Flirty, Playful, Creativity is unleashed.

Module 3: Solar Plexus

Depression, Anxiety and Addiction are nestled here amidst low self esteem. Awakening Confidence and Self-Assurance, your inner peace and harmony, invites an acceptance and deep guttural strength which create an unshakable balance between spiritual and material world.

Module 4: Heart

Opening at the 'Bridge' between the Upper and Lower Chakras at the Heart offers healing from grief, jealousy, fear of betrayal and self loathing, bringing profound positivity, exuding feelings of wholeness and worthiness plus acceptance of life, love and relationships. We become balanced peaceful and happy and excited about what lies ahead for us as we focus clearly on what we DO want.

Module 5: Throat

As we journey to the first spiritual chakra, you can rid yourself from neck and shoulder pain, issues with hearing, jaw pain, headaches and throat issues as we clear, delete and destroy the connection to mis-communication. Shyness, social anxiety and dishonesty can be cleared as the pathway powerfully opens you to honest, communication and expression, bringing a richness into your life and relationships as a new depth of wisdom is revealed. We learn to listen to both the physical and the murmurs from within.

Module 6: Third Eye

The mysteries continue to unfold as fears of the unknown and an inability to concentrate, process information or keep cool under pressure begin to loosen their hold on us. Lack of knowing and faith in your purpose softens as an expanded Third Eye opens the Spiritual centers, all the Clairs begin to thrive, we begin to thrive and become more energetic, tuned in, receptive, imaginative, optimistic, and inspired as your connection to the Universe reinvigorates your zest for life, fun and adventures into the non-physical realms.

Module 7: Crown

The Crown Chakra opens us to the world of Spiritual Consciousness, governs our spiritual progress, if blocked, we can feel distressed, isolated and disconnected from everything and everyone. This can be a result of living fast-paced, 3D and materialistically. Building upon the strength and stability of the 6 chakras before allow a gorgeous Mindful, Balanced, centered YOU to emerge as you connect to source energy. Here we transcend illusion and discover the innate power of spirit, opening to Living as one, in Unity. Joyful, FREE.

No amount of Mind Power, Meditations or Affirmations will unkink a hose! Right!

Which is why I've added A BONUS to the course.


This is the Magic Dust, the action required to unhook the kink and re-attach the connection between each of our Energy Centers, between our heart, mind and soul as well as our team in Spirit. As we begin to move our bodies and re-connect in love and reverence, we start to release, open and flow again.

This brings FUN, and JOY to each activation and will shift your life exponentially releasing trapped traumas and pain, suffering and dis-ease. Be gentle with yourself as you love yourself free.

This bonus track talks you through a gentle and loving awakening of your body.

My initial reaction to this was "I am NOT a dancer" Neither was I. But boy, I am now.

From a client: "I have NO pain, stiffness or soreness, I am happier and the synchronises in my life are phenomenal. I am officially in LOVE with this process, Michelle talks it through and every single time it feels like I'm doing it for the first time

" Courtney.

Seriously, you HAVE to try this!


And just because I know you well, WHEN you complete all 7 modules , you qualify for

. . . . .

Another Bonus which has been creating a storm amongst my clients.




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My goal is to provide an extraordinarily beautiful experience for you, relieving you of heaviness, pain and tension and offering you the way forward to a pain-free, bright and joyful future.

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